Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pretty boy


  1. Hi Zev,
    Saw your comments on my blog…I’m assuming we’re both Cold Antler followers. Just browsed yours and it looks like you’re having a big time up in Colorado—your cabin looks heavenly!

    I’m excited about my corn, squash, and beans which may be a bit challenging to wade through on a large scale, but if you’re agile and patient one should be able to have success I imagine. One of my great grandmothers was 100% Choctaw and the other Cherokee. Both had a very large garden and only gardened this way with the veggies intertwined. My Grandpa made it work smaller scale and I remember helping him plant and harvest as a kid. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out in my small garden—it made since to try this with my limited space.

    Yeah, that’s Wayne’s fiddle book I have—Jenna recommended him and I have to admit its good stuff. I would love to take in person lessons from him! I’ve always loved listening and jamming with fiddle players, and at Antlerstock Jenna made it look so simple (she’s an awesome fiddler). After messing with hers a bit she convinced me it was an easy thing to tackle—and it is so far, but I have a long ways to go!

    What type of rooster is this? Can’t wait till I can have some birds! Take care.

  2. Our rooster was part of a group of "mystery" chicks we got at a discount from the hardware store last spring. I think that he might be a Welsummer, based on his coloring and demeanor, and the fact that his sisters are laying slightly speckled brown eggs. Chickens are wonderful! They were the first animals we got after our dogs. They're entertaining, nearly effortless to take care of, and legal in lots of major cities. Hope you get a chance to get some soon. :)