Wednesday, April 20, 2011

real live bugs

I can't believe how fast the chicks are growing. They're still just under two weeks old, and already have several layers of feathers growing on their wings. We decided they've outgrown their original, temporary cardboard box home.

We set them up this evening in a tupperware brooder. I'd read a couple of different accounts of people having good success with these. My only worry is that our collie mutt, a dedicated chicken-killer, will be much more interested in them now that they're down closer to her eye level.

As bedding, we use scraps from our firewood splitting spot. Basically I scrape off the top inch or two of softness from the ground. It includes pine needles, wood shavings, sandy dirt, and lots of bugs. The chicks love being able to scratch around and find actual insects to eat, the way their instincts demand. Just one of the many pleasures of raising your own chickens. :)


  1. We just got 120 baby chicks. They sure are cute when they're little but they grow so fast. We have them in a couple of brooder pens in the barn with heat lamps. I like your idea for bedding. Sure beats boring old straw!

  2. Sounds like the bedding that was provided by my Mom... hope your chicks grow up more well-adjusted than I am